Often, difficulties we are experiencing in the present, have their origins in our past.

We can find ourselves repeating patterns in our relationships and/or work life that are not helping us, or may be keeping us stuck.  In my clinical work I utilise psychoanalytic theory to understand how early experiences are affecting you in the here and now.

I am particularly interested in modern psychoanalytic ways of thinking about our relationships that includes Attachment Theory.

By bringing into awareness patterns of relating you acquired through early experiences, psychotherapy can have a positive affect on your relationship with others, to your work and to yourself. Long-term psychotherapy can have a profound affect.

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What happens in psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy can be helpful for the following difficulties:

  • depression
  • anxiety, stress
  • loss, bereavement
  • low self-esteem
  • difficulties in making and sustaining satisfactory relationships
  • issues around identity
  • difficulties arising from emotional, physical or sexual abuse
  • feeling stuck in a pattern.

Some people enter psychotherapy simply to learn more about themselves.  Psychotherapy increases self-awareness and many people find therapy gives them increased confidence, improves their personal and professional relationships, increases their ability to manage stress and enables them to have a fuller and more satisfying emotional life.

Psychotherapy, through gaining a deeper self-awareness can:

  • improve our capacity to relate to others and ourselves
  • help us feel more at ease with and more accepting of who we are
  • enable us to better tolerate our emotional world and the life’s ups and downs
  • help us to become freer to make choices over our present and future

What happens in psychotherapy?

During psychotherapy we will explore all aspects of your life; past and current relationships, early experiences, thoughts, feelings, anxieties, memories, dreams and fantasies.

Sessions take place once a week and last 50 minutes.  I also work with some people twice weekly.

The therapy takes place in a safe, confidential and supportive environment.

You can engage in psychotherapy for as long as may be useful; this can be months or several years, depending on your individual needs.

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