You may be going through a particular difficulty with your family, relationships or work, or going through a time of transition, for example having suffered a bereavement.

Counselling provides a safe space in which to talk and reflect. Whilst I do not give advice, talking to someone outside the situation, can help you think about what you are going through and the choices you may have.  Counselling can bring about a more objective perspective and have a beneficial affect on your emotional life.

Counselling can be useful when experiencing issues such as:

  • relationship issues
  • work stress/issues, redundancy
  • bereavement
  • traumatic incidents.
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What happens in counselling?

In an initial session I will ask questions about your early life and current situation so that I can get an understanding of your life and your experiences. Subsequently, the focus of the counselling will be your current situation or difficulty.

I provide skilled understanding and support throughout the counselling process.  The counselling takes place in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment.

Sessions take place once a week and last 50 minutes. You can engage in counselling for as long as may be useful.